Saturday, March 10, 2012

Closet Orphans: Week of 3/10/2012

Closet Orphan: Lace Cardigan
 This outfit was a total accident, but since it works, I'm going to count it!

I have a lot of trouble styling this beautiful lace cardigan I bought from ModCloth. First, I think it looks weird wearing it over any sort of sleeve. Unless it has a sleeve that is the EXACT same length or no sleeve at all, like a tank top or cami, it just doesn't look right. Secondly, I have problems working with two different patterns. While the lace is subtle, it is still a pattern, which makes it more difficult to wear it over another pattern. Lastly, it has a very classic, romantic feel so the rest of the outfit has to fit with that. And given that most of my tank tops are in very bright colors, there's really only one cami I ever wear it with. 

However, Friday morning I got a little inspired (ok, nothing in my closet was looking great and I was forced to get creative) and I threw it on over a muted floral tank top from Target. (Note: my tank top looks almost nothing like this one, but it's the closest polyvore has. It is light blue with clumps of flowers, but that's where the similarities end.) I just hooked the bottom couple of eyes on the cardigan, topped it with a long gold necklace, and instant outfit!

I really should just changed the title of this series to "Shopping in My Closet" because that's really what it has become. It's kind of nice, given my self-imposed shopping ban. Less money on clothes, more for the house, yes?

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