Friday, March 2, 2012

Fan of Friday: Week of 3/2/2012

Gardening! Last weekend, I hedged my bets (ha! hedge! I'm so punny!) that all the chilly days were behind us and headed to the local nursery. $40 later, I've got a dozen petunias, some snap peas, mustard greens, spinach, and another mallow shrub.

I need to update this picture because my petunias have definitely overgrown this cinder block now
This was a fairly risky trip because I only know how to really keep the petunias and the mallow alive, the others were in grave danger. Either they would dry up or other animals that frequent Turtle's home would eat them (or be demolished when Turtle wakes up in the upcoming weeks).

So, every day after work, I spend about an hour watering, weeding, and doing whatever it takes for these plants to thrive. I need them to grow big and strong before Turtle finds them. I need my peas to start climbing the tree. I need the parsley to straighten up. I need the spinach to take root.

Hopefully, once they are a little more established, they won't need this much constant care because, although it's very relaxing, I can only take good care of them for so long.

My next task will be to plant some really pretty vine-like plants on the front of the house. That'll be even more risky because what happens if I keep them alive long enough to grow up the whole house and then they die? Am I just stuck with a dead vine-y house?

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  1. Good luck with everything, I kinda like gardening. Am starting to think I might make comething out of the limited balcony-space I have here. Would be lovely to grow something edible, maybe something exotic that can not be grown back up in Norway. Yes, need to figure something out, thanks for inspiring me :)