Saturday, March 3, 2012

Closet Orphans: Week of 3/3/2012

Closet Orphans: Week of 3/2/2012

I actually wore this outfit to work yesterday and it included not one, but TWO of my closet orphans: my green silk tunic and my amber necklace.
My tunic is actually a lot different than the one shown, but it was the closest I could find in polyvore. Mine has short drawstring sleeves, is darker and grayer in color, has larger blossoms, and is silky shiny. And the necklace is nothing like this one. It's a hunk of polished amber on a chain that my mom bought for me at the annual Tucson gem show (biggest gem show in the world baby!). And it encases a tiny little fly so that I can one day grow my own dinosaur!

Anyway, here's why I think this outfit works:
  • Since the top is flowy and loose, it's best to pair it with tighter pants to avoid looking sloppy. 
  • With skinny jeans, I don't pair it with heels if I'm wearing it to work. It's just a little too casual and unprofessional. These flats work well, though, because with my skin tone, they are basically nude with a hint of pizazz. If I were wearing this around town on a weekend, I would definitely step it up a notch with some platform sandals.
  • The neckline on the tunic is very high so I wear my hair up to show off my neck. 
  • While you would think that the color of the tunic and the color of the amber wouldn't work well together, it actually looks amazing. I would have never thought to pair the two, but with the little bit of purple that is in the blossoms, it really connects.
If I have the time, energy, and motivation this weekend, I fully intend on spending a good amount of time organizing my closet and purging the stuff I just don't want to wear anymore. And replacing all of the hangers. Dan had a mental snap last weekend and decided all of our hangers needed to match, so he went to Walmart and bought dozens and dozens of them. He's a weird fella sometimes...

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