Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pet Peeve #1

Best watch yourselves, Yankees fans.
A lot of things annoy me, I admit it. However, whenever someone asks me what bugs me, I can never think of anything on the spot. Well, I figured I'd just write them down when I come up with one.

Pet Peeve #1: People who think they are part of their favorite sports team. Just because they are your favorite, it does NOT mean you are on the team. Don't pretend to be the coach and talk strategy before, during, or after the game. It is NOT some sort of personal accomplishment if they win, especially if they have a fairly strong winning streak. People just think you are an ass. There. I said it. I think you are an ass.

These may or may not be a couple of facebook statuses from one of my friends: 

     So stoked for this game! Fight on! Beat the Ducks! (And there's no way in hell we're letting
     Ucla go to the championship in our stead.)

And I can't forget this gem:

     Loved my Trojans last night! It may have been a boring game, but we needed a boring
     game. I did manage to be awake for every touchdown, including Matty's record-breaking
     sixth! Congrats, Barkley! Now let's get ready for an exciting Homecoming game. Fight on!
     Beat the Huskies!

Unless all your friends are fans of the exact same teams, trust me, you are bugging the crap out of someone if you act like this.

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