Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I Get Sucked in by the Worst Things

She used to be annoying, but you know you look forward to the commercials now.

It's the Target Christmas Lady! I wish I had ever been half as excited about anything as she is about Black Friday sales.

Admit it! You like her, too!

UPDATE: We found this one last night and I have never seen Dan laugh at something as much as he laughed at this. "Her face is just hilarious." I really thought he was going to start crying. 


  1. I hate her, with every fiber of my being. I shouldn't. It is irrational, but I just want to drown her in a vat of eggnog.

    This, however, is not surprising because she was actually on Conan the other night and I didn't laugh once at her comedy act (not making the connection that this was her). I was angry at the end of it... not because her material was insulting to me, just her lack of funniness and weird voices were grating.

    I know, I suck. I will refrain from using holiday items to harm her so other people can enjoy her though, even though I don't... =P

  2. I completely understand. I should hate her. I'm sure somewhere down in the cracked remnants of my ginger soul, I do truly despise her. But I can't help but giggle every single damn time one of the commercials comes on.