Friday, November 18, 2011

Fan of Friday: Week of 11/18/2011

Vacation time. Plan and simple. I am a huge fan of vacation time. As of 5:00 PM today, I will officially be on my first vacation break since starting this job. Nine days of unadulterated freedom. 

Is it just me or does this seem uncomfortable? Pokey bark and a sunburn? Pass.

We won't be up to much except for prepping for Thanksgiving, which my husband begged to have at our house this year (train-wreck ahoy!) and working on the house. But I don't care. It'll be full of sleeping in, working out in the mornings, cooking, wearing stretchy pants.

Just a warning, even though I promised to post everyday in November, out of shear vacation laziness, there may be a lot posts that are just a picture of an animal with some sort of "Awww..." comment. So sue me.

Here's hoping that you have a full week off for Thanksgiving and if you don't, let's be honest, I bet your motivation is lacking at this point and you won't get much done anyway. No judgment, just speaking from experience...

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