Thursday, October 6, 2011

Running from Adulthood

At what point are you an adult? I'm 24 years old, married, with a full time job and a house in my name, and I still can't grasp that I may, in fact, be a grown-up.

Last night may have been the tipping point. We went to Sears and shopped for a washer and a dryer. How boring is that? It's like the last thing you actually want to buy. It costs a lot of money, and yes, it makes your life easier, but there's absolutely no fun to it. Is it odd that I feel like this washer and dryer will be the defining point between two chapters in my life? Maybe I'm wrong because I also feel like you can't see defining moments coming; they can only be identified in hindsight.

I can't say I was excited about buying them (you're definitely an adult if you got excited by them), but it will be a relief to not have to lug laundry over to my parent's house every weekend. I didn't mind it in college because my apartment complex didn't have any, but there is just something wrong about seeing your mom help you fold laundry and she comes across a pair of your husband's underwear. Ehh...

Did you know that a good washer can cost $1000? That's crazy! And did you know that washers and dryers have like a million features? Steaming, foaming, touch screen, dryness sensing. It's ridiculous! I just want a white, front loading, large capacity washer and dryer. Cut the features and cut the price, for heaven's sake!

Anyway, these are the ones we're considering. It'll only cost us $1664.98...


But look how futuristic! It's like a portal into space!

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