Friday, October 7, 2011

Fan of Friday: Week of 10/7/2011

This week, I am loving one thing in particular: fall.

Fall in Tucson is something different than the rest of the country. Our trees' leaves don't change color and fall off. They stay small and green all year long. The flowers still bloom. The sun still shines for at least twelve hours every day. The only way you would know it's fall rather than any other season is the sense of relief in the air.

It's no longer a bajillion degrees outside. My hands don't receive second degree burns from the steering wheel on the drive home from work. I can walk in the sun without becoming an instant sunburn. The air conditioner isn't constantly running, finally utilizing the thermostat.

And things actually happen around town! October is always my busiest month because the city has only a few brief weeks between the heat and the cold (Damn you desert climate!) so the town comes alive.

Image Courtesy of Tucson Real Estate Blog

Here's the things I'm looking forward to this month:
  • Tucson Meet Yourself. It's a weekend full of cultural music and dancing and all the great street food you can buy. Dan and I usually try to eat from as many countries as possible, eating in courses and shifts to not fill up.
  • Black raspberry Eegee's.
  • Apple Annie's for apple picking, pie eating, cider chugging, and produce picking. We always end up with waaaaay too many apples and eggplant.
  • U of A football games, assuming there are any tickets left, but with the way they are playing this year, there have to be hundreds, if not thousands, of tickets left.
  • Tucson Zombie Walk. I haven't been before, but if I can get over my zombie fear, maybe I can manage.
  • Halloween on 4th Avenue, mainly for the people watching. What slutty version of something should I be this year?
 I love this time of year!

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