Saturday, October 29, 2011

Jurassic Park 4: Update 1

That's right. I'm calling this 'Update 1' because I plan on spreading any and all Jurassic Park 4 news I stumble across.

And now, from, a quote from Steve Spielberg:

     The screenplay is being written right now by Mark Protosevich. I'm hoping that will
     come out in the next couple of years. We have a good story. We have a better story
     for four than we had for three.

I imdb-ed Mark Protosevich to see what else he's written: Thor (not bad), I Am Legend (haven't gotten around to seeing it but I've heard it's not bad), and Poseidon (oh dear). So I'm a little worried now, but as long as it's better than Steve Spielberg's Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, I'll be ok.  

But seriously?!? I have to wait "a couple of years"? That's movie speak for 2015. That's just not fair. I guess that gives me plenty of time to work on my costume. I'm thinking something like this now:

But in grown-up size. And with more fake blood

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