Monday, September 12, 2011

Task of the Week: Style! (Day 1)

A couple of weeks ago, I started the challenge of dressing well for an entire week. About three days into it, there was a night that totally screwed up that plan (to summarize, when my husband was away on business, an alarm went off at 4AM somewhere in the house and I refused to go back to sleep as to not be stabbed to death, obviously).

Well, I'm going to attempt it again! Seven days of styling! And this time, this time things will be easier because of my new mistress, Polyvore.

Since I've attempted this challenge once before and failed, the obvious question is "Why does completing this mean so much to me?". To put it simply, style is the new tool I'm going to use to help define myself. While, internally, I haven't been in much confusion lately, I just can't seem to get other people to grasp what to do with me. I want everyone else to perceive me as the competent, successful, young, fun, female engineer that I am. If I look that way, maybe it will be easier for other people to treat me as such.

Also, style has just always kind of eluded me. I've never been able to figure it out. It just comes so freakin' natural to my sister and I look at her and think to myself, She looks nice, but I would NEVER be able to see those things on their hangers and think to put them together. So, with the help of Polyvore, I think I can think of style more as an equation. I can manipulate pieces until it makes sense and then test the results.

So here's the Day 1 Polyvore version (none of the items being exactly the same, except my Spin Pins, but pretty close substitutes), my Forever 21 geometric print dress with a pink cami under and my Mark for Avon boots. I got really good feedback on it too! The old man, who kind of looks like Santa Claus that I pass in the hallways and tell him every Friday when he asks that I'm all dressed up for him, the cleaning lady who I can't really understand, and my manager all said I looked pretty, I think.

Geometric Dress

And here's the actual version (please excuse the crappy quality due to poor lighting and a self-timer because the husband isn't home yet):

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