Monday, August 1, 2011

Task of the Week: 7 Days Worth of Outfits

I've had a little bit of a style obsession lately (my blog views of Already Pretty and Dress with Courage have been off the charts). While I love the idea of style, in practical application, I plan one or two looks a week. The rest of my outfits fall purely into the stumbling-around-in-my-closet-half-asleep-trying-to-find-my-comfiest-pants-and-slip-on-some-elastic-shoes.

Well, not this week. This week, everyday, it's going to be good. I'm going to be put together. Accessories, hair done, make up made, all of it. I'm breaking out the curling and straightening irons, the eyeliner, the bangles, my entire arsenal.

I'll post a picture of my attempt here everyday, starting tomorrow (my outfit today definitely doesn't count). The photos won't be great since I'll be taking them myself, but hopefully they'll be good enough. Maybe I'll even get ambioush and try breaking it down, something like this:

I would love the opinions and feedback of any budding fashionistas on future ways to expand on the looks I post.

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