Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Outfit Challenge: Tuesday

I couldn't find any of my actual pieces on the internet, but these should be close (The stores are where I got them, but the links take you to the similar products).

Liberty of London Peacock Top: Target
Black Cotton Trousers: Old Navy
Fan Sea Foam Belt: ModCloth
Brushed Gold Bangles: Target
"Emerald" Studs: World Market

While this outfit probably displays all my go-to's in my wardrobe (blues and greens, cotton pants, hair down, simple jewelry), it was a poor choice today. It reached at least 108 F. My polyester top didn't breathe, my hair and the collar behaved like a scarf, and that thick, elastic belt stiffled my waist all day. But I still love it!

My favorite part of my outfit is my bangles. I saw them at Target and bought them on the spot. Still not sure how much they cost because I didn't care. They're the bracelet version of my wedding band. They spread the romanticism of my ring finger up my arm.

Oh, that and my awesome purple eyeliner that my mom gave me that apparently doesn't show up on camera. Just imagine perfect purple lines, then smudge them around and screw them up because I can't do a good line for the life of me.

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