Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Two Umbrellas in my Car

This morning, as I was getting ready for work, I thought to myself, Maybe I should throw an umbrella in my purse? Just in case a monsoon storm rolls through this afternoon. Wait, no, I've got two umbrellas in my car. I'll just throw one of them in my ridiculously large purse...

Well, I forgot about the umbrella until I was ready to head home from work today. (Note to self: if your office doesn't have windows because it's deep in the heart of a refurbished warehouse, go to this handy website called weather.com before you pack up to leave.) Stepping out of the office, there were wet footsteps walking past the door and towards the elevator. My first thought was that one of the new call center people upstairs must have spilled something and were now tracking it throughout the building. As I slipped my sunglasses on, the group of people huddled near the exit finally caught my attention.

It was pouring. More than pouring. The sky was charcoal, the ground was flowing, and you couldn't see beyond thirty feet in front of the building.

After standing there for five minutes without any change, I ran for it.

Thank my lucky stars for choosing to wear my running shoes today.

Running through the parking lot to my car (which I should note had to be at least a quarter mile from the building) proved to be a challenge. Run too slowly and you get unnecessarily wet, run too fast and you could slip and fall. Either way, you would have ended up looking like this:

 And I was so proud of my outfit today. So cute. 

Apparently, by the time my husband left work, the rain had let up and the flooding in the parking lot had gone down, which was lucky for him given this is how his car looked when I left work (after driving back to the door to give my dad a dry lift to his car):


Does this mean I don't need to wash my hair tonight?

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