Monday, July 25, 2011

Task of the Week: Junk Food Addiction

With the death of Amy Winehouse this weekend, the internet has been pretty divided over the issue of addiction. There are the people who know addicts who truly believe that addicts have a disease and need all kinds of support to stay clean. Then there are the people who place the blame on the addict for getting themselves into their situation in the first place.

I have never known an addict, at least to my knowledge. I tend to fall into the second category of people who believe that responsibility falls on the addict. Maybe I've just had a self-awareness of my body that most people aren't lucky enough to have, but I've always been acutely aware of how chemicals can affect me and how my personality plays into their use. I haven't had a caffeinated soda in over a year because the caffeine stays in my system for days, tormenting me all night long. I can't buy potato chips because once the bag is open, it'll be empty before I can stop myself.

In an attempt to understand what addicts go through, this week I will battle my one vice: junk food. So, from now, Monday evening, to the Monday evening of next week, no junk food. The benefit of crack over chocolate is that crack isn't sold in vending machines. It's not filling up my mom's cookie jar. There's not a crate of it in my pantry.

Sounds like I'll be chewing a lot of gum this week...

Oh! And random update! I found a vest this weekend! One out of five pieces found! Here's a picture!

And, as standard with my pictures, these are the shoes that I would have worn to work. You know, if it wasn't 105 degrees out and I wasn't spending most of the day on my feet fixing robots. And the husband was still at work so it's the best picture possible when setting a camera on timer on a short table.

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