Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Project House Update: Shop Details

When we last left the shop, the exterior had just been painted. The interior was a blank, clean 'Polar Bear' white, but the shop was a drywall box. This post describe the details that took it from a structure to Dan's shop.

At this point in the construction, the contractors were basically done with their work. Dan was on his own to wrap it up. Step one: coating the floor. Before anything was moved in, Dan needed to coat the floor. It took him several days of cleaning, rolling, and letting it cure. I have never smelled something that chemically before. Fortunately, Dan wore a respirator.

The shop floor is now coated in a special garage floor paint. It's so shiny and clean.

In the right light, you can see your own reflection in it.

With the floor done, the last step before Dan could move everything in is painting. Yes, the contractor and his team painted the whole structure white, but Dan wanted more than that. In the garage (the one built with the house, not this new shop), he painted a gray half-wall to hide dirt. It worked so well that he did it again in the new shop.

A laser level, some tape, and more patience than I have and he had painted the full shop.

And that was it. He peeled the plastic off the windows, removed any remaining tape, and moved in all of his stuff. He's got a lot of stuff, but I helped with that part. We got a bunch of people and made quick work of it. Especially since the garage is nice and clean now.

In the six months since then, he's been organizing. He's been buying shelves and containers and labeling things like crazy. It's still a hot mess, but it's the definition of a work in progress. He'll get there. However, this is his favorite part: going through everything he has and finding homes for them.

The shop will probably always be a work in progress. Someday it will get a lift and a loft and maybe a corner wood workshop. But it's done enough for Dan. This building was his dream and as much as I complain and whine about it, I'm so glad he has it. It makes him so happy

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