Monday, May 23, 2016

Project House Update: Odds and Ends

In preparation for my annual whole house update with "The List" of completed projects and ones still to be done, I wanted to do a grab-bag post of all the little things we've been up to.

While our dining room still needs a large, full-wall statement piece, I did frame and hang the two pieces of elephant art that Dan gave me, because he's the best husband ever. They occupy a great corner of the dining room so I can see them first thing when I get home.

In the opposite corner of the dining room now lives this beautiful bookshelf from World Market. Comparable Art Deco bookshelves cost thousands of dollars, so I had this one pinned on Pinterest for a while. When a store-wide 30% off sale happened and I saw it in person for the first time, I couldn't say no. I haven't styled it yet, but I've got lots of pretty bits to show off.

In other news, while the window in the den still isn't 100% complete, aesthetically, Dan did install the windowsill. It's the same style of marble that we used in the work-out room. Yay for uniformity! And once it's done being caulked and painted, it'll be so pretty.

In the den, there's also been developments with the ceiling fan. We've got a new one on order from Lowes. A beautiful mid-century modern one to go with our mid-century modern desk. It looks really terrible right now because the wiring is in a state of change. There used to be a chain, running up the wall and across the ceiling. However, updates in the bathroom have changed that...

In blue bathroom, all the dry wall is out! It's really creepy in there now, but we've made so much progress!

With all of the drywall removed, we finally have access to the wiring in the den. Back in 2012 when we had the roof redone, Dan ran wire under the new roof for the ceiling fan in the den. One end of that wire has been dangling from the den ceiling since. Now that the wall is open, the remainder of the work required to finish the wiring can be done!

Additionally, we have a new tub! It's in the shop, still wrapped up in all its packaging, but we've got it! It's a long story about how this tub came to find its home with us, but I'll tell you that when it's all installed and pretty.

And I still haven't written up a run-down of the finished shop yet, but we'll get there. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks, but we'll get there. Eventually. I think.


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