Monday, June 13, 2016

Project House Update: Fan of a Fan

I mentioned it a couple of weeks ago, but we've got ourselves a new ceiling fan in the den!

On the list of tasks for claiming the den as my own, I'll be the first to admit a new ceiling fan wasn't on it.

  1. Replace the window. Done!
  2. Remove the built-in desks
  3. Buy and install cabinets in place of the built-in desks
  4. Buy a floating desk. Done!
  5. *Newly added* Upgrade the ceiling fan. Done!
The ceiling fan in the den is kind of a long story. Before we started redoing the house, this was one of the handful of ceiling fans with a chain. A chain ran up the wall and across the ceiling, terminating at the fan. Is anyone really a fan (haha, pun intended) of that look?

Skip ahead to 2012 when we redid the roof. My husband, who is just so smart, had the foresight to hire an electrician to run the wiring for the fan under the new roof when the old one was being torn off. This would allow us to get rid of that dreaded wire. It only solved half of the problem, though. The hiccup was the issue of running the wire down through the wall. However, our recent destruction of the blue bathroom has opened up the wall and allowed for the electrician to finish it up. You know, four years later, but whatevs. 

With the wiring finished, it was time for me to pick out a fan. For anyone on the hunt for ceiling fans, I've had much better luck with Lowe's than with Home Depot. They have a wider variety. We found this little 48 inch gem and brought it home. With a Mid-Century Modern feel, it pairs well with our new desk.

It fits well in the room. The light canopy doesn't output as much light as I had hoped, but for a den, it's cozy. It wouldn't be well-suited for a large room that needed complete illumination, but for an office, it'll work fine.

We're making small, random baby steps toward a completed den. Maybe 'completed' isn't the right word. Better. We're making progress toward a better den.

The biggest difference is still yet to come: tearing out the old, terrible, built-in desks and replace them with cabinets and storage. Knowing us, it will take us another six months to agree on a plan and another year after that to execute, but that's ok. We've got plenty going on in the meantime. That's the joy of juggling about a half-dozen projects at once.It never gets boring.


  1. Really like the fan - we definitely need all the air circulation we can get right about now!!

    1. Oh yeah. It'll only be 114 this weekend. Ugh...

  2. That chain would have bothered my wife, too! It's surprising how much time shopping for a new fan can take. I'm glad you found one that you liked. Too bad it doesn't give off as much light as you thought; the things you don't find out until you get it home. Good luck finishing the list!

    Neville @ Electrical Experts