Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014

You would think it would be great that Halloween fell on a Friday this year, but it actually kind of a pain. It stretched Halloween to eight days. Eight days is a long time for dressing up in costumes.

It all started on Friday, the 24th. My sister invited me out with her friends for late night costumed roller skating. Since my Mara Jade costume is kind of restricting, I wore my Queen of Hearts playing card costume.

I'm not very good at roller skating, so it was a victorious night because I didn't fall on my butt.

The next night, my friend Bekah threw an amazing Halloween party. Photo booth room with all sorts of props. Every kitchen surface covered in platters of creepy themed food. Halloween themed board games.

And that was just Day 2 of eight potential days of Halloween.

Fortunately, no other events until Thursday night. Trivia night. For the last two years, Halloween has fallen on the same night as trivia. Trivia fell on the night before Halloween. Our quizmaster loves Halloween and had been trying to rally people for the entire month of October with Thursday being the culmination.

I asked my teammates if they were planning to dress up. They said they were. I rushed home from work to gussy myself up and skipped a home owner's association meeting to go to this special night.

And you know what I found when I showed up? My friend's have a much different definition of 'dressing up'.

One who didn't dress up at all, one who wore a stethoscope over fairly normal clothes, and one who wore a skeleton T-shirt.

And then there was me. In a skin-tight black cat-suit covered in all the Mara Jade bells and whistles. There were maybe four of us in the whole place in real costumes.

By the time the eighth day rolled around, the actual night of Halloween, I was over it. Dan carved a pumpkin. We worked out house projects and stayed in, just in case we got our first ever trick-or-treater.

Maybe next year...

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