Friday, June 28, 2013

Fan of Friday: Week of 6/28/2013

My friend Mary is the only other person I know who's also really into watching Youtube bloggers. We've had great debates about our favorites. The one we've differed on the most has been Fleur deForce, another British beauty blogger, like Tanya, Zoe, and Louise. For some reason, I just hadn't sat down and watched a lot of her stuff. Probably just because I was stubborn.

However, I finally caved and I'm glad I did because I love this girl.

I feel like I relate to her more than the other bloggers. She just purchased a home with her fiance, she takes way too many videos of her pets, she doesn't have any kids. I like to think she's the blonde, British version of me, if I had friends and didn't worry about fitting into my pants so much.

Yes, she does talk a lot of make up and that sort of stuff, but I like her more for her personal vlogs. I'm just a creeper and love to watch videos about people's every day lives. I like watching people cook dinner and drive in their cars and hang out with their friends while grocery shopping. It's like a tiny, little actually interesting reality show.

She also has a wedding channel where she plans her wedding in August. I've watched a couple of those videos, but I'm probably better off not being reminded of all the stress and frustration that can come along with planning a wedding (So glad that's behind me...)

However, I am really looking forward to her Christmas videos at the end of the year and hoping to do something similar come December.

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