Friday, May 3, 2013

Fan of Friday: Week of 5/3/2013

For some reason, my subconscious thinks it's British. I could watch youtube videos all day long about absolutely nothing by anyone British and I would be completely content.

Over a year ago, I mentioned my first youtube subscription. Her name is Tanya Burr and she's a British make-up artist who does amazing make up tutorials. I credit her completely with my makeup transformation over the past year (I should write about that sometime...)

Anyway, I love her and she's amazing and she's got all these great youtube/in real life friends who also post videos. (Sidenote: It's amazing to me to think that being a youtuber is actually a career. I know making and editing videos can take a lot of work, but still.)

One of her friends that I've begun following is named Zoella. She's got two youtube channels (her main one here and her day to day vlog here) and a blog.

She focuses more on which products she likes and what clothes she's recently bought and shopping with her friends. It's very hard to describe her. I don't think I can do it without making it seem fairly shallow (and if she were an American beauty blogger, I probably wouldn't be such a fan), but she's very cute and down to Earth and tells it like it is.

So, if you'd like to kill some time listening to British accents or learning about new beauty products, she's a very good resource.

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