Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Project House Update: Electric Boogaroom

It's another installment of "Look At All The Crap We Had to Get Done Before New Floors"! Because we can't keep anything simple and love to over-complicate everything, this is the story of the new outlets in the floor.

It's always been a wish-list item for us to have outlets in the floors in the centers of our living room and our den. Given how we wanted the ultimate lay-outs of the rooms, electronics would reside in the centers of the rooms, away from the walls. We use our laptops on the couch in the living room and the desk in the den will be home to a desktop computer. Up until now, we've run extension cords across the floor, but that's honestly dangerous. I am just too clumsy to not trip on that eventually. 

Dan had the foresight to realize that once the new wood floors were installed, we would never have floor outlets. It's not like we would rip up the beautiful new floors to have them installed. So, if it were ever going to be done, it had to be now.

The hardest part of the whole endeavor was finding the right person to do it for us. It was kind-of electrical work, but the real bear of it would be cutting a trench in the foundation to run the conduit for the wiring. We lost a week, and ultimately had to push back the floor install date, because no electrician would get back to us. We reached out to the general contractor who built the shop and they waaaaaaay overpriced it. We came back offering half and they agreed.

It was over ten hours of cutting and jackhammering (which was a fun day of working from home for me), but it got done. 

Once the floor is all done, Dan will install the pretty brass face-plates and we will have outlets in the floor like a conference room. 

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