Monday, March 27, 2017


I've just gotten over a cold. This marks the fourth time I've been sick in four months. Each time, for a week or more.

It started in December when I had laryngitis over Christmas.

In January, I was trying to work-out 30 days in a row in lead up to my 30th birthday. On Day 21, my streak ended as I succumbed to a cold.

At the end of February, over Dan and my 6th wedding anniversary, I got a viral infection in my throat and lungs and went to Urgent Care. That was a fun Saturday, spending a crap ton of money to be told there were no medications to help and it may last as long as a month.

And now, in March. I spent last weekend waiting on Dan hand and foot so he wouldn't spread his germs everywhere and I could be spared his cold. I'm pretty sure he thought I was going to kill him when I started sniffling.

It's amazing how much your schedule gets thrown off when you're sick. Your diet goes out the window because if it isn't warm and made of carbs, it isn't going in you. Exercise is nearly impossible when you can't breathe properly. All the little chores like laundry and dishes aren't as important as sitting on the sofa and focusing on 'getting better'. The events that you were considering, like farmer's markets and flash sales, are a pipe dream because unless it's absolutely necessary, you aren't doing it.

After this last batch of germs, I stocked up on everything preventative. Hand sanitizer, Vitamin C, Emergen-C, cough drops, all of it.

If this streak doesn't end at four, I'm going to seriously look into building a bubble for myself.

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