Monday, May 18, 2015

North Carolyn-a

So, it's been a while. Yeah, no denying that one. My life has gotten busier and I haven't dealt with that well. Hopefully, in the next couple of weeks, I can motivated and catch up on some things I've been meaning to document, but no promises. Explanations, yes, promises, no.

Oddly enough, one of the calmer moments of the past few months was a business trip I took to North Carolina. It was two coworkers and I setting up a robot system for a BIG customer. So, I had to pretend to be professional and everything. Have you tried building a large robot system in slacks? Ugh, I was just lucky my slacks still fit since they hadn't been worn in several years.

Fortunately, everything with the install went very smoothly so we could have some fun in North Carolina. Charlotte in particular. While I wasn't overly impressed with the things for a tourist to do, we still had fun.

First night in, we had traditional Southern seafood at the Riverview Raw Bar near our hotel. It was a beautiful night and it started a trend of eating all our meals al fresco. Granted I passed on the seafood for a veggie burger, but it was a great hole-in-the-wall to get some Southern flair.

Since this was a BIG customer we visited, we gave ourselves an extra day in case things went wrong. Lucky for us, we didn't need it so we got to explore downtown Charlotte.

My manager was one of the coworkers in Charlotte with me and since I'd already argued with him once on what to do with our spare day, I didn't argue with him this time. He chose the Discovery Place, a science museum for children. It was a fun morning, but it did feel creepy being three adults without kids in a place designed for children...


Look how cute and green this lizard was! I don't know what it was eating on the wall, but so adorable. Maybe peanut butter. I'm still unsure if the smudge was supposed to be there, but he sure enjoyed it.

I blurred out my coworkers faces, but it was pretty funny watching two middle aged guys try out science projects meant for kids.

My favorite part of the museum was the bed of nails exhibit. You laid on a platform, held down a button, and were lifted by hundreds of nails. An incredibly odd experience.

We rounded out the day at the most charming restaurant I've ever been to called The String Bean in Belmont. I wish I'd taken a picture, but we sat on a patio, under strings of lights, sipping vintage-inspired sodas, eating good food, and enjoying the perfect evening.

It was an exhausting trip, but it could have been worse. The work had a few hiccups but we moved past them. No bickering between the three of us. And the best part? It started on a Tuesday and ended on a Friday. No weekend interruptus. Beautiful.

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