Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Blogmas 2014: Fun Gifts for Women

When I was making my Christmas wishlist this year, I had a bit of a revelation. Every year, my wishlist is made of clothes and jewelry and home decor. I always get lovely things, but they're kind of boring, right?

Remember Christmas when you were a kid and everything you got was fun? I miss that, so my goal this year is to turn it into the Christmas of fun! Here's what on my list and maybe you'll be inspired to get someone in your life something fun, too!

Fun Christmas Gifts For Women

1) A big-ass super soaker. I would have so much fun annoying Dan with this thing. And now that we live at a house with a pool, it's the perfect pool accessory. I couldn't find one as big as the ones I had as a kid, but this one could still do some damage.
2) A fake fish. It moves and everything. This little guy would be so cute in my office and may keep me saner for just a bit longer. All the fun of a real pet with none of the scary risk of dying.
3) A murder mystery jigsaw puzzle. Have you ever heard of these? I've done two of them and they're quite cute. Each one comes with a little novel of a mystery. The story stops before revealing who-done-it and you then assemble the puzzle to solve the mystery. I have to admit that the clues in the puzzle are pretty obscure so I have yet to figure one out completely, but they do come with a handy answer booklet, too.
4) A fun videogame. I'm not a big fan of shooting games or roll-playing game, but I love me a puzzle game. This game 'Chariot' is a two person co-op game where you work together to navigate increasingly hard vertical mazes while carrying around your father's coffin. It sounds more morbid than it is. Although, if Dan and I played together, it could get very bloody very quickly. 
5) A shower radio. For some reason, some of my most vivid memories from being a teenager were blasting my music and dancing around before, during, and after my showers. Why can't I continue that as an adult? Other than my commute, my life has been lacking music, which is odd given how it motivated me when I was younger.
6) Skip-It. Well, I don't think they make 'official' Skip-Its, but this is as close as they get. I remember being six or seven years old and spinning my Skip-It in the driveway until the little counter on it rolled over. I can relive that now on  my back porch and it's almost like exercise.
7) A fancy paint-by-numbers. I'm not very artistic. I can't draw a straight line without help. But I do like to make things. I found this great line of paint-by-numbers I'm excited to try of famous works of art. If it turns out well, maybe it'll be wall-worthy.
8) A record player. For a reason that makes absolutely no sense, I bought a record. Yet, I own no record player. I like the idea of vinyl, of putting on an album and listening to the whole thing. On my Ipod, a song is lucky if I listen to it for 90 seconds. I can't remember the last time I heard a full album. It's not too cliche if I want to get into vinyl, right?

So, this Christmas, I encourage you to include something fun on your list for Santa. When you're forced to sit down and think about what you find fun, you may just have a full-identity crisis like I did. It's a lot harder than you think it would be. If you come with something of your own, let me known below!

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