Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Let's All Do the Cat Trap

'Cat trap totally sounds like it could be a dance. Someone work out what that would look like, ok?


Have you seen this cat trap trick on Buzzfeed? It's kind of stupid, but I had to try it. Probably just because of how cute and bug-eyed the cat in their example is...

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It's really as simple as it looks. You take some tape and create a circle on the floor. That's all the trap is. Then, you wait and laugh and laugh when your cat has to sit in the spot. If you have a cat, you know. The floor could be completely empty except for one thing and they HAVE TO sit on it.

That said, I was incredibly surprised when my cats did this:

They never got near it. I let the trap sit on the floor all night. Nothing. It's like they knew and were laughing at me about it.

Smug little baby boys.

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