Friday, October 3, 2014

Fan of Friday: Week of 10/3/2014

Lately, I've been very into Sean "Day9" Plott. It's actually quite odd if you know anything about what he does.

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He hosts several gaming themed shows on Youtube.

He hosts a show on 'Magic'. I've never played 'Magic' before not do I have any desire to play it.

He hosts a show on 'Starcraft'. I'd never heard of 'Starcraft' before seeing his show.

While the games he plays are completely foreign to me, it kind of makes sense with my history of gaming. I really just enjoy watching other people play games. Growing up, I didn't play that many, but I love watching my dad play. Even now, some Sunday dinners turn into us all sitting around the living room, yelling instructions at him as he shoots aliens or Nazis. 

I don't know exactly how I got started watching his shows, but it's worth it because he's so good at weaving a story. He goes off on tangents quite often and I usually find the tangents the most entertain part of the show. It's amazing when you consider he shoots everything live.

My favorite show that he does is called 'Mostly Walking', where he and two of his game design friends play old adventure style games. You don't have to know anything about games to enjoy some humorous people play drinking games about the ridiculousness of the dialogue of a game that's 20 years old.

He's quite addicting, so be careful before you get drawn in. At least he films like three hours of footage a day so you won't run out of things to watch any time soon.

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