Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day Dressing

While Dan and I don't have any plans officially set in stone yet, Valentine's Day is quickly heading our way. I have let him off the hook, presents wise, but he will be forced to spend time with me. Since it falls on a Friday, and more importantly, a Friday that Dan is working, we'll probably car pool into work together and come up with a plan on the fly after work. A betting man would put money on a simple dinner and movie kind of night.

However, I do have a trick up my sleeve: an outfit change at work. The great thing about having my own office now [link] is that I no longer have to awkwardly change in the ladies' room. I've been looking for an excuse to break out my $8 Target sale dress and this'll 1) make it kind of a surprise for Dan since I won't be wearing it in the morning and 2) let me wear more comfortable, functional clothes all day before changing right before leaving.

It's not a pink and red cutesy Valentine's Day outfit, but it's a little more subtle, a little more adult and sexy. And it will inherently include a back-up saner version of shoes from the day outfit in case this unplanned evening ends up including any walking. It's not worth the torture of trying to walk in heels.

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