Friday, February 21, 2014

Fan of Friday: Week of 2/21/2014

Hi, my name is Carolyn, and I'm a youtube addict.

My new show of choice? TableTop on Geek and Sundry. Basically, it's just Wil Wheaton and three of his friends playing boardgames you've mostly likely never heard of, unless you're into that sort of thing, but if you are, then you clearly already know about this show.

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And, spoiler alert, Wil Wheaton almost never wins.

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It's actually a great way to learn about new group games. My husband and I don't play a lot of games together because I get insanely competitive, but it's much easier to put that aside when it's a game that is new to both of us.

And it's nice to learn about group games that aren't just based on playing cards or Apples to Apples.

Most of the games are competitive strategy based games where you have a set of skills and try to be the first to complete some sort of goal, but they do play some team games and even cooperative games where the goal is to just survive the scenario together.

I inadvertly got Dan hooked on the channel, too, and we then went out and bought Settlers of Catan to play with my mom and my sister.

So, if you've got 30 minutes to kill, I highly recommend watching the video where they play the Star Trek version.

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