Monday, January 20, 2014

How to Celebrate a Woman's Birthday

My birthday is coming up at the end of the month and it's already stressing out my husband. As narcissistic as it sounds, my birthday is my favorite holiday. Growing up, I had some birthdays go very, very poorly, so I always set my hopes too high, wishing to finally have that perfect day.

I have a feeling most men feel anxiety when it comes to their ladies' birthdays/Valentine's Day/anniversaries, so here you are gentlemen. The unbridged list of how all women really want to spend these days. (Assuming your lady wants to be surprised by the day)
  • Sleep in real nice and late.
  • Wake up to breakfast. There should be options, they can come from a box, but they shouldn't still be in the box. Presentation boys.
  • Have a plan. Only let her in on it as she needs to know.
  • Have a schedule, know how long things will take, and have small ideas to fill any little windows in time. 
  • At some point, plan something so she has an excuse to dress up. Cute dress, fancy eye make-up, those shoes she has but never has a reason to wear. 
  • Offer her presents, preferably some small and sparkly. A classy piece of jewelry. Simple and pretty. The kind she'll wear until she's 80 and then give to her favorite granddaughter.
  • At the end of the night, change into pajamas, cuddle up, and do something quiet together. 
  • Don't panic. Step up, take charge, and be her knight in shining armor. Odds are, 364 days out of the year, she does all the worrying, wrangling, and planning. Take the burden off of her. 
  • Make her feel like a star. Celebrate her. Don't just go through the motions because it's your 'duty'. Show her that you care. 
  • Don't be cheap. I'm not saying spend money for the sake of 'proving your love', but it truly is the time to buy her that thing she can never justify buying for herself (cough*elephant painting*cough)
  • Ideas for things to do if your birthday also happens to fall at the end of the month: movies at the end of January are never any good so avoid those, dinners with courses or set menus, parties for the Chinese New Year, nothing Valentine's Day related, nothing Super Bowl related, Cirque Du Soleil is in town, or something completely random like watching a college gymnastics competition. 
Ok, I'm now distracted by the premiere of 'Sherlock', so hopefully those are enough tips to help you out.

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