Monday, November 11, 2013

From Suits to Stadiums

This weekend. This weekend was a whirlwind.

It all started Friday night. I dressed myself up in my best 'trophy wife' little dress, a face full of make up, and attempted to tame my hair. We then drove over an hour through rush hour traffic to the middle of nowhere to one of the nicest hotels I've ever seen. I spent the next several hours making small talk with my husband's coworkers and their wives as my husband accepted an award. Two years in a row. Quite proud of that big lug.

Too bad this is the best picture of us that night:

And Saturday was just crazy. Since Dan's birthday is coming up, Saturday was the day we were going to celebrate. I had an elaborate plan. I always do. As simple as things usually seem, I think and plan for months. And, of course, a couple weeks beforehand, things started to fall apart. By Friday, they had basically completely dissolved and I was not a happy camper.

Fortunately, by Saturday morning, I got over it and we had a nice day. A long slow trip to Target, sandwiches from Subway eaten on the back patio, cozy afternoon naps, a sickeningly huge dinner at Old Pueblo Grill, and finishing up the night here.

In some uncomfortable seats at the South goal of the University of Arizona Stadium for the Homecoming football game. Don't worry. I took this picture about 45 minutes before game time. By kickoff, the stadium was crammed with fans. Shame we couldn't pull out a victory, but still an enjoyable game.

Finished the weekend off with helping my sister hang some shelves in her new apartment, shopping at the mall, and trying to buy a bathroom door from Home Depot. Another weekend in which I'll need a completely separate weekend to recover.

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