Friday, August 2, 2013

Upgrading to Real Walls

Recently at work, my coworkers and I found out that we're being kicked out of our space. A good portion of my department, including myself, have cubicles in a large open area. It's great for having impromptu meetings and generally just functioning as a team.

However, with the lab next door needing to expand and an abundance of empty offices, we are being moved into our own individual offices. In my whole career experience, which I guess really only spans six years and four places of employment, I've never had my own office office.

The move will have a lot of downsides. We'll be losing our conference room and work tables and have to go through the official channels to reserve rooms now. We'll no longer have an excess of storage space for the random prototypes and returned broken parts, so we'll probably have to make more space in our already overcrowded, disorganized, disaster of a lab. I won't be able to grab someone as they walk past to ask them a quick question.

On the other hand, there will be two MAJOR pros. Firstly, privacy. Ahh, privacy, how I miss you. I cannot wait for the first conference call that I can take on speaker phone. Honestly, I don't contribute much on most calls, so smushing a phone to my face for an hour for no real reason is a huge annoyance. The ability to have the radio on without earbuds. Being able to close my door if I need to really hammer down and get something done without interruption. The option to change clothes in my office, if I needed to for some reason (trying to change in a public restroom is the worst). Taking personal calls without feeling like everybody knows my business.

Secondly, I'll be able to have a space that's all my own. It's just so hard to make a cubicle have any sort of personality. I'll be able to turn it into what I want it to be. Hang frames on the walls. Have cute desk accessories. It will be my space and I'll be able to make it function most efficiently for me.

The big move probably won't be for another couple of weeks, but I've already begun trying to find inspiration. I know I would like to bring in a big, comfy chair for 'guests', hang some art on the walls, maybe add a lamp.

Here's my pinterest board of the things I've been collecting so far {Sidenote: I should really set a budget for myself because this could get crazy} and here are some of my favorites so far...

Any other ideas/suggestions/demands for my amazing new future office? Any tips on what NOT to do decor wise with an office? My dad says the chair is a bad idea because people will never leave, but that's ok with me. Friends would be nice.

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