Friday, July 12, 2013

My Cats have, umm, Skills...

Even though Sammy is older than Rusty, he will always be my baby cat because he's spoiled, manipulative, and scared of absolutely everything.

Topping the long list of things of things that he is afraid of is water.

Which is why I was so surprised when I found him doing this the other day.

He's learned to drink out of the toilet. I'm just so proud, I think.

Unlike Sam, Rusty has no aversion what so ever to water. He loves to sit in wet sinks. Not just wet like there's a bit of residue left after brushing your teeth. No, like, an inch or two of water to soak something.

Cats are so weird.

UPDATE: While writing this post (I literally was in the middle of a sentence), I had the biggest, grossest cat poop disaster I've ever experienced. It. was. everywhere. So, from now on, lids will stay down, in case for some reason, toilet water was the cause.

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  1. Oh no! If this is any comfort, dogs are gross too. Remi loves smelling/eating poop and the amount of vomit I've cleaned up? There are no words.