Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Cotton Anniversary

Last week, Dan and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary, which is apparently the "cotton" anniversary. Who knew?

Anyway, our wedding anniversary is actually pretty inconvenient since it falls almost two weeks after Valentine's Day. It's the last holiday our holiday season, which lasts for a grueling five months. It goes a little something like this, starting in the middle of October:
  1. Father-in-law's birthday
  2. Father's birthday
  3. Halloween
  4. Dan's birthday
  5. Thanksgiving
  6. Mother-in-law's birthday
  7. Dating anniversary (which we don't really celebrate anymore)
  8. Grandpa's birthday
  9. Grandma's birthday
  10. Christmas
  11. New Year's 
  12. Sister's birthday
  13. My birthday
  14. Valentine's Day
  15. Wedding anniversary
That's a lot of presents to buy and card's to fill out.

On our actual anniversary, which fell in the middle of the week, we went out for a nice Italian dinner. As a more official date night, we celebrated over the weekend by going to this really great Mexican fusion restaurant (mmmm spicy mac and cheese) and seeing star demonstration at the planetarium.

I love that the star projector looks like a giant cootie from the game "Cooties"

Image Source
See? It's a cootie! "Don't spill the beans! Don't break the ice! Ants in your pants and Cooties!"

Every year, we debate whether or not we're doing presents for Valentine's or our anniversary. It really doesn't make since to do them for both, but there's always a miscommunication and it spirals and we both end up scrambling at the last minute and doing both.

This year, Dan gave me two necklaces (one for each occasion) from etsy. I gave him a pair of Valentine's boxers, my little tradition. For our anniversary, I got him some sort of saw (it was on his amazon wish-list) and I made him a Food Passport. It's a little notebook that has 50 restaurants listed that we haven't tried yet. I included their location in town, estimated time to drive there, what type of food they serve, and how much it roughly costs ($, $$, or $$$). My favorite part is that I attached a book of star stickers so he can rate them as we go to them.

It wouldn't have taken so long to make if I'd known how hard it is to find a small notebook without ruled lines. It took me three days to find one and I eventually broke down and overnighted this one from amazon.

It'll be nice to have some weekends now where we won't be celebrating something and we can get back to working on the house. Speaking of which, expect some update posts soon! (Nothing major, but progress is progress, right?)

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