Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

This was actually a very busy Thanksgiving for me. Usually, they go like this: wake up late, head over the my parent's house, eat food, sit around and watch TV, and then go home and go to bed. Easy peasy.

This year was different. My mom and I started it bright and early at Reid Park by running the annual Turkey Trot. We'd never run it before, but it's a 5k run consisting of two loops through the park with "obstacles". And by "obstacles", I mean a couple of hay bales and two water hazards.

My mom's friend Rick jumping over the second water hazard
I run with style
The little cutie who distracted people from the fact that I don't actually run with style.
Sweaty post run pic
We finished in 39:05. Not that fast, but a good time for us!

I then returned home to a husband and mother-in-law who were already prepping for a ham lunch. That's what happens when you let your husband choose the menu. Ham on Thanksgiving. Doesn't really matter to me though, does it?

How did I contribute? Styling the main table and the kiddy table. The table cloth isn't wrinkly, it's rustic.

We rounded out the day with some football watching, cat cuddling, and an exciting 9PM trip to Target for some door busters for my sister. Good day.

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