Monday, November 12, 2012

Project House Update: Curtain Plotting

When I debuted our master bedroom revamp, I mentioned how we still needed to find away to fix our window treatments.

It's kind of hard to see in this before picture (I need to get better at 'before' pics), but check out the right-hand side.

The biggest problem we're having is the functionality. Because the window is large and is actually a sliding glass door, we need vertical blinds. While we may need vertical blinds, it doesn't mean they need to be so ugly or that we need to see them.

To pretty them up, we removed the old bisque slats and replaced them with some crisp white ones. Fortunately, Home Depot will cut them to length for you free of charge. Then, we removed all the hardware, taped up the moving pieces, and gave it a good coat of white spray paint. {Sidenote: my best home tip would be to always have a couple of cans of white spray paint around. It's so handy to have.}

See how much prettier they are now?

Even though they are better, they aren't good enough. Our plan has always been to cover the blinds with curtains. Here's where things get tricky. With the height of the ceiling and the height of the window, the vertical blinds basically take up the entire wall. This means that the curtains either need to mount from the ceiling or wider than the blinds. However, with the windows being over 100 inches wide, they'll need support in the middle. This limits our options to ceiling mounts or slim mounts above the blinds.

Secondly, as I mentioned, the window is over 100 inches wide. If I want to actually cover the entire window with curtains (and for full coverage, it'll be closer to 150+ inches), it could easily be over $200. Ouch.

My original plan was to hang non-functional curtains. They would basically be two panels that would always frame the window and simply hide the blinds when they are open. They wouldn't need to cover the full span of the window and would save on cost.

Apparently functioning curtains are really important to my husband. Instead of the full-coverage expensive option, he proposed hanging a double rod. The inner rod would house full, cheap, simple white curtains for privacy purposes and the second rod would hold the decorative panels. The only flaw in this plan is the mounting. Double rod brackets take up much more space than we have to work with.

We haven't made up our minds yet, so any input or ideas would be appreciated.

Almost has tricky as how to mount our curtains is what material I should use to make them. Here are some of my favorites. Simple colors, geometric patterns, nothing too girly. Any stand-outs?

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  1. Hi Carolyn!

    Haha, I have the SAME problem in our master bedroom. I'm with you---I just want to do two non-functional panels to frame the huge sliding door/window. I'm thinking of something geometric (like a Moroccan print) in a more saturated color to compete with the dark color of our blinds (they're brown).

    Also, I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award! You can find out more details/participate at my blog,

    I can really related to your About Me section---I love reading blogs, why not start one!

    Take care and I look forward to following you along your journey : ]