Saturday, September 15, 2012

TV 2012: Guys with Kids

In a change of pace, I'm going to live review this one. I'm pretty sure it'll be crap, but follow along and see what I think as it happens. [Note: this isn't really live, but you get what I mean.]

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  • Wow, they sure are pushing the Jimmy Fallon angle, aren't they? "Hey! It's from Jimmy Fallon so it must be at least mildly amusing! We even got him to say the part about the studio audience at the beginning so it must be good!"
  • No sane woman would be charmed by a man with a baby in a bar. Bad parenting isn't sexy.
  • Wait, did Jimmy Fallon do the theme song, too? Poor Jimmy Fallon...
  • Uh oh! He needs a babysitter for his date and his ex-wife won't let him? I bet hijinx ensue...
  • Jokes about children ruining your life. If you didn't want so many kids to take away everything you loved, wear a condom. Personal choice, suck it up.
  • Overly intrusive laugh track? Check!
  • Vanessa from "The Cosby Show" may be the only thing saving this show. I'd say the guy from "Bring It On" is a plus, but he's just a tool.
  • Why is the ex-wife so much of a bitch? Can't they at least make her a realistic bitch? Does she need to be over the top? Is it really the worst thing that the baby is in the sink? She can still be the villain, but have some sort of motivation.
  • I actually kind of like the other white guy, whatever his name is. He's kind of charming, in a goofy way. I'd still be pissed at him for ruining the evening, but the make-up gesture was pretty cute. 
I give it a D! And that's probably being generous.

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