Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Isn't he just the cutest little thing ever!?!?!?!??!

Everyone, meet Sam.

Saturday afternoon, after stopping by a charity car show my sister was working, we decided to stop by Petsmart to pick up the stuff we would need for when we decided to get a cat. We, in no way, shape, or form, expected to get a cat on Saturday. I just figured it would be best to have all the supplies, like a catbox and food dishes, in case we decided to get one. Knowing me, it would have been a spur-of-the-moment decision. And it was...

Anyway, so we're in Petsmart, with a full cart, and I talk Dan into viewing the adoptable cats that they bring in on the weekend. Yeah, he should have known I wouldn't leave empty-handed at that point.

Well, they had a kennel with five little kittens, all about eight weeks old. In this kennel, four of the kittens were going crazy playing with the toys. The fifth one just sat in the back, looking at them all like they were crazy. Yep, we found our love. His name was "Dane". We didn't originally want a boy cat, but you guys, he is the cutest little thing. Once the lady put him in my arms, I started crying like a crazy person. I think it has been well-established that I am, in fact, a crazy person, but this is when I am my most crazy. I can't go into pet stores without tearing up because it breaks my heart to leave without them all. Even though I knew I was taking him home, I was still silently sobbing in a glass room at Petsmart. I am such a loser.

So as I stood there crying on a kitten that can easily fit in my hand, Dan filled out all the paperwork. Because this was a last-minute decision, I had to call my mom to meet us at the store because we drove the Jeep and I wasn't going to scare the crap out of the love of my life in an open-top Jeep. We put him back in the kennel as we grabbed the last of the supplies, purchased a cat carrier, loaded him up in my mom's car, and drove him home.

We decided, since he's just so little, to let him explore the house little by little. At first, we set up everything he needed in the hall bathroom. He's got his carrier/bed, his cat box, and his food and water in about a 3 foot radius. Using a cardboard box, we blocked off the end of the hall, closed all the doors off the hall, let him loose.

And then, nothing. He sat in his carrier for hours. Granted he had a busy day, but that's when you decide to take a nap? We knew we picked the calm one, but we at least expect a kitten to do something. (Sidenote: we found out once we adopted him that he had been neutered two days prior. This is why we think he was deceptively calm.) Yeah, those hopes that he would do something quickly became a thing of the past because this cat is crazy. I have never met a cat that loves to cuddle as much as this guy. We thought we were getting the independent, calm kitten, but he is the neediest, loneliest cat. He is not happy unless he is in your lap, chewing on your fingers. If you are not using your hand to pet him, he will quickly remind you to by nipping your fingertips. If you leave (or my favorite, if he leaves you to go around the corner to eat), he will cry until he sees you again. And not just any cry, the saddest little kitten mews and squeaks, like you're hurting him by not constantly petting him.

After about four hours of calling him "Dane", we agreed a new name needed to be picked. My brain can't handle a husband named "Dan" and a cat named "Dane". We settled on Sam because Dan and I both had dogs growing up named Sam (mine was a Black Lab, his was his favorite stuffed toy). He does look like a Sammy.

I love my little Sammy.


  1. Beautiful darling! What do u say about following each other? Kisses from Romania!


  2. Ooooohh, more pictures of Sammy please!! He is adorable! And I love how he is so needy :)

  3. I've got more pics I'll upload in a couple of days. He always wants to be the center of attention. I can't do anything without him trying to include himself, which has made blogging very, very difficult (Ah! A keyboard! I'll just bite all the keys, don't mind me...)