Monday, April 9, 2012

Pet Peeves: "Act Like We're Not Here"

Part of the reason my posts have been few and far between is that we have been hosting house guests. I like having guests and entertaining, but at some point, it just becomes exhausting from the inherent need to be on your best behavior constantly.

Our house guests actually ended up arriving a day early (with some warning), which was fine. Usually though, these particular guests come down for holidays and such so we have time off work and can spend most of our time hanging out with them. However, this time because they were a day early, they were smack dab in the middle of our work weeks.

After settling in a bit, they politely said, "No need to worry about us. Act like we're not here." And while that's a nice sentiment, how the hell am I supposed to pretend you're not here? If you weren't here, odds are Dan or I wouldn't be wearing pants. We'd be playing a game of chicken to see who could trick the other one into cooking dinner. I'd be frantically flicking between at least three TV shows while playing Zoo Tycoon and lounging, taking up most of the sofa. I'd leave my dishes on the coffee table after eating dinner on the couch, most of which would probably be Goldfish crackers. The aforementioned pants would be somewhere on the floor in the bedroom. Once my stomach settled, I'd try to talk Dan into doing a 15 minute McDonald's DVD workout with me in front of the coffee table.

There's a level of politeness and neatness that comes with hosting which I fully accept, but guests should realize that this isn't our natural environment. It's clean and the fridge is stocked and I'm trying to keep conversations going. Our home is messy and the only vegetables in our fridge are in the 14 different types of salsa and we could sit together in a room and not say more than ten words and be perfectly happy.

So no, we're not going to act like your not here, but will try to make you think we are this put together all the time. But I doubt it's working...

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