Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fashion February: Breakfast with Friends

Dinner with Friends

I know I'm a bit slow, but here's what I wore this weekend.

On Saturday, I caught up with some friends over breakfast. I like to use this outfit for hanging out after work, but I'm running fairly low on casual outfits in this challenge so it would have to work.

Sunday was the first day I cheated. Yes, I cheated on the challenge. I won't call it a failure. I just REALLLLLLLY wanted to wear my new T-shirt. want to know why?

BAM! It's awesome! So I created an outfit around it (skinny jeans, glitter flats, blow out, hoop earrings, faux leather jacket, and cat eye liner), so it's not really cheating.

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  1. Love that look ! And that tee is pretty darn cute too !