Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fashion February: Bird Dress

Bird Dress

My sister gave me this vintage bird dress (well, not this exact one because mine's vintage, but it's pretty close, but longer with a higher neckline) for Christmas (maybe my birthday?) a couple of years ago. It's a great dress, but I didn't wear it for the longest time because it's very boxy. There's almost no tailoring for a waist at all. Once I finally got around to investing in some brown waist belts (I don't like brown. I just don't. My only waist belt for the longest time was turquoise, which would have been a poor decision), I can finally pull this dress off. For some odd reason, maybe because I didn't wear it for so long, I always forget that it's in my closet. I guess that's the beauty of this self-imposed challenge, remembering to wear the things I don't always use.

Oh, and I wore my hair up instead of down, not becuase I was too lazy to straighten my hair this morning, just because it highlights my neck better. With such a high neckline (it's right against my Adam's apple, or whatever the hell the female equivalent is. Eve's apple?), having my hair up makes things a bit more elegant.

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