Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Accidental Gift Wrap Genius

I had a moment of genius last night. Maybe other people have been doing it for years and never told me, but I'm claiming it as my own idea!

In a last minute Valentine's Day panic, I was trying to quickly wrap up the presents I'd gotten him. I found a gift bag (aka Lazy person's wrapping paper) and was hunting for some tissue paper. As a side note, we keep all the holiday-ish stuff together so the gift wrap stuff is right next to all of the Christmas decorations. So, I'm digging around in this small closet when inspiration hit.

Instead of tissue paper, I filled the bag with a long strand of tinsel garland!

It looked amazing! And it covered the presents just as well as tissue paper.

Dan had purchased a ton of it after Christmas when it was like $1 a strand in a bunch of different colors. I filled the bag up with a rainbow strand and it looked like something Martha Stewart would do: beautiful and over the top. And, if you get it on sale after the holiday, it's probably a cheaper option than tissue paper.

Has anyone else tried this before? Am I just being amused by shining objects again or is this a great idea?!?

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