Sunday, November 13, 2011

I Will Outsmart You, AdSense!

Out of boredom last night, I played around with the idea of creating an AdSense account for this blog. I wouldn't place some huge, obnoxious ads all over everything, but it would be nice to slowly generate a ridiculously small amount of money if anyone accidentally clicked on them.

Anyway, even though I did a presentation in one of graduate school classes on AdSense, it completely baffles me. It won't tell me how much it pays or what the conditions are. It's like, "Sign up and then we'll tell you." Really? You can't have a nice little table that says 2 cents for every click on a sidebar ad and 3 cents for every post ad?

Does anyone have a clue and can help me? Is it worth it for me? What amount of traffic do you need for it to be worth it? Maybe I'm putting the cart before the horse and should hold off until, I don't know, I have at least a dozen followers or some other arbitrary gauge.

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