Wednesday, October 12, 2011

You would tell me, right?

There's been a funny smell in my cubicle for days now. I've opened every drawer, sniffed every trash can, tossed anything odorous I can find, but it still remains. All hope that I accidentally let something rot over the weekend has quickly gone out the window.

I sat through it in silence the first day, hoping it would have dissipated by Tuesday. But this morning, it was as strong as ever. I started to bug my coworkers about it it, but none of them claim to be able to smell it.

I'm starting to think it's me. Do I smell? If I smelled, would you tell me? Or maybe I'm just going crazy and smelling things that aren't there. Or maybe, MAYBE, I'm developing mutant super smell. Yeah, let's go with that one.

(I don't know this baby, but she seems like someone I would be related to. I just hope I have kids who are this cool and this weird.)

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