Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Style Challenge Day 7

I know it's a couple of days late, but I TOTALLY COMPLETED MY CHALLENGE! YAY! The hardest part was Day 7 because Day 7 was the first day of my business trip to New York City!

I don't know about you, but I don't travel well at all so this day was a HUGE challenge, but no worries, I totally nailed it!

So let's break down while this outfit worked so well for me. First, it was comfortable. Jeans that fit really well so there was no belt buckle stabbing my stomach all through the flight. Long top that stayed down so I didn't have to keep pulling at it on the plane. Secondly, it was great for getting through security. My shoes were easy off, easy on due to the elastic and my watch never had to come off because it's plastic (Lego R2D2 watch. Thanks hubs!) Third, it was warm. I am always cold on planes so even though it was 90F in Tucson when I left, I was toasty. Also, it's much easier to cool yourself down with the overhead vent than it is to warm up.

Pictures of my trip to come!


  1. awesome! where did you get the shoes?

    1. Thanks! They're Nike Mary Janes. I've designed a couple pairs on their website, but they don't carry them anymore. It was great while it lasted, you could even get words embroidered on the back!