Wednesday, August 10, 2011

You Don't Mess with the Big Cat

Some days, when the Victoria's Secret models, A-List actresses, and all the other women who have always had less than 10% body fat and will always have 10% body fat start to wear on my self-esteem, I have to tell myself they aren't real. They're not. They're diets and photoshop and make up and shape wear. They're freakish genes and unhealthy habits.

But no matter how many times you tell yourself that, when it's all you see, it starts to feel like reality. That the most beautiful creatures on the planet tip-toe on heels in push-up bras.

So I look outside the glossy magazine images to something that is unedited. Something beautiful and real: the animal kingdom. My personal inspiration being the Siberian tiger.

Have you ever seen a tiger run? Watched the muscles in its legs ripple with each leap? No one looks at a tiger and thinks, Maybe she should cut back on the wild boars. It's really starting to show in her thighs...

A tiger's body is built for a purpose. Every part of it has a function and is a function how it lives. It may not be as svelte as a cheetah, but it wouldn't survive if it was.

A tiger is a powerhouse. A powerhouse that just about every other creature should fear. It's a beautiful, graceful animal that can tear your face off.

I'd much rather be a tiger than a supermodel. Wouldn't you?

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