Friday, August 12, 2011

Fan of Friday: Week of 8/12/2011

I have been an internet addict lately. I posted last week about my new lover, Pinterest. While I've only been using it for a couple of weeks, I fell into a routine very quickly. My favorite pins at first were recipes and home projects, but these require a lot of time and effort. I'd have to go to the store, buy a bunch of groceries, spend hours in the kitchen, accidentally burn myself again on a new recipe, and have the rest of the ingredients go bad because I have no other recipes that use them. Or I have to wait a couple more weeks for our move and for my bank account to rebound before I can see how the bathroom floor looks tiled with pennies.

It became that the thing I looked forward to most were the outfit ideas people were posting. It started slowly but I started pinning two or three a day. It wasn't that I was using them as an inspiration to shop, I was using them as an inspiration to dissect my wardrobe. Why did the outfits I pinned speak to me? What pieces did I love the most?

After some dissection, the pieces started to fall together. I don't like brown. I don't, but most of the outfits I pinned have brown boots or belts. Also, most of the outfits were all basic pieces. Simple patterns, like stripes, if any pattern at all while the accessories shined. My wardrobe is bursting with patterns. Florals, polka dots, I've even got a shirt with tiny robots on it, but all my accessories have been very simple. Stud earrings, pendant necklaces, sets of bangles.

I started plotting all the shopping I would do to overhaul my wardorbe so that it more mimicked the outfits I was admiring. But then, things got more interesting. I examined the images I had pinned and they all looked very similar. It turns out, they were all from the same site.

This site is Oh. My. God. I love Polyvore. It lets you create virtual outfits. You can pull almost any piece from any website, create your own virtual closet of sorts, and plan outfits til the cows come home.

Most people create dream outfits using crazy expensive designer pieces. I'm in the process of creating my own closet. I've been scouring their databases, pulling in pieces that closely match my own. It's been quite eye opening. The outfits I wear the most look terrible in Polyvore. They're monochromatic and unflattering.

So now, I've begun plotting my outfits the night before using Polyvore. And I think my husband and my coworkers would agree, I've looked a lot better this week. This is what I'm wearing today (see below. I had it inserted but it screwed up the layout).

See? Look how professional? Granted my flats also have birds embroidered on them, but close enough, right?

So, if you're in a clothing rut, check out Polyvore. If anything, it'll let you play with looks you hadn't thought of before. Much faster than trying on everything in your closet.

Or just use it to create your dream closet. Ahhh, Louboutins...

Work Outfit

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