Sunday, July 3, 2011

Explanations of the reasons why women cheat

For the last couple days days, Yahoo has had displayed an article called Confessions: 7 reasons why women cheat. The article gives the reason, followed by real-life stories from women who experienced it. It doesn't get to the true reasons behind why these women behaved the way they did. So here are my theories as to the true motivations behind these women:

1. There’s no passion
The article tells the tale of a woman who was with her boyfriend for three years and avoiding a future with him. He was nice but there was no spark. She met a guy on vacation, there was instant spark, so she broke up with her boyfriend and ended up marrying vacation guy. 
Moral of the story: Women settled for the guy who looks good on paper. There wasn't really anything wrong with her boyfriend, but she knew she didn't want to be with him. Rather than break up with him when she felt like something was off, she stuck around, hoping things would change in the relationship or she could change him. By meeting this new guy, she finally realized she was settling. 

2. To delay a break up
One thing after another kept going wrong in her boyfriend's life so she didn't have the heart to break up with him and add to his sadness. She met a guy in the meantime and she could no longer put it off any longer, she ended it.
Moral of the story: Women put their partner's happiness ahead of their own. They don't want to be a jerk when breaking up with someone. We've all heard stories about the asshole who broke up with his girlfriend on her birthday/Valentine's Day/when her grandma died and no woman wants to do that to someone else. But at the same time, you shouldn't stick around because it's not a good time to get out. Between holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, etc, there's always a reason to put off a break up. Just suck it up and do it. 

3. Because absence doesn’t make the heart grow fonder
Long distance + hot guy = cheating
Moral of the story: Long distance can only work if both people are committed to making it work. It's one thing to flirt with some new guy you meet when your boyfriend is on the other side of the country, but it's a whole other situation entirely to act on it. If you make the jump from flirting to flinging, there are problems at home. Period. 

4. To avoid being left out in the cold
Dumped by Guy #1, she rebounded with Guy #2. Guy #1 comes back around, but she's afraid he'll hurt her again, so she sees him behind Guy #2's back just in case he leaves her. 
Moral of the story: If you aren't over Guy #1, don't start dating anyone else. And if you do pick up a rebound, it's got to be purely that, a rebound. You can't treat it as something more. That doesn't mean that he doesn't deserve the respect of an actual break-up, but if it isn't going anywhere, you can't be afraid to end it. 

5.  To make a break from a bad relationship
A girl is in a relationship with a guy that treats her like crap. Along comes a nice guy and she cheats with the nice guy.
Moral of the story: The title on this one, to me, is all wrong. It's not that she cheated as an excuse to end the relationship. It's that she realized how bad her current relationship is and finally decided to end things. A lot women (myself included because this did happen to me, minus the cheating) stay in a bad relationship because they either don't know how unhealthy their current relationship is or that they don't think anyone else will want to be with them. Once a new guy comes along who treats them with respect and shows them that they do deserve more, they finally have the courage to get out. It's just a sad commentary on society that so many women stay in bad relationships because they think they can fix it. They think they can make things better. They think they can force respect.

6. To find that missing piece
A woman is with a guy who isn't the complete package, but things are good most of the time. She meets someone new who may not be the complete package, but at least makes her happy in different ways, and she cheats. 
Moral of the story: You may not know what you need from someone else to be happy. You may not know what you need from someone else to be in a healthy relationship. Many women have lists of what they want in a boyfriend (sense of humor, intelligent, good-looking, etc.), but how important are those things to you? And how important are the little things you didn't think to put on the list? Like the type of vacation you like to take? It's hard to determine those things until you've dated several people and even then, how do you know if it is something you'll be able to compromise on? I guess my point is that if something is/becomes a dealbreaker, you've only got two options: to deal or to break.

7. To give him a taste of his own medicine
Boy cheats, girl finds out, girl cheats to get revenge. 
Moral of the story: Turn about is fair play. Unless you think you can salvage the relationship, this one sounds all kinds of fine to me.

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