Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Brief Introduction

So I guess I need to answer the big question: why did I start a blog? Plain and simple. I really like reading blogs. I do. I could probably waste hours upon hours reading other people's blogs (I'll post links to the ones that I'm addicted to eventually). However, that being said, I don't think I've really stumbled across a blog that really represents me. Most bloggers are freelance writers living in tiny apartments killing time between the occasional magazine piece, hoping for their big break. That or the blog has a very specific purpose, like fashion, although interesting, don't really translate to my lifestyle.

About my lifestyle, you'd think with the amount of blogs that don't relate to me, I'd be some sort of freak of nature. I'm not. Ok, a little bit. I'm a 24 year old, married, female mechanical engineer living in Tucson. I don't have a Cosmopolitan life, going out every night with scarlet lips to tempt a piece of man candy back to my lair. I don't wear designer clothes because I spend my days repairing dirty, broken robots (That's right. I work with robots. And it is as awesome as it sounds). I don't spend my weekends hunting estate sales for antique furniture to paint and cover in Astroturf to decorate my lavish home. I'm a regular girl who works with robots and men at least 10 years older than me every day. I have a husband who loves to get himself into trouble. I've got a handful of friends and I care about them deeply.

I love to give advice and tips. I don't claim to be an authority on anything. Period. Anything I write here will be purely my opinion. It may be based on personal experience (which I will probably fiercely defend) or may be based on some random internet article I read four years ago (which I will probably still fiercely defend). My posts will be whatever is on my mind in that instance. Some opinions I have had bottled up for years and it's probably best for my health to get them off my chest. Some posts will be the imaginary counseling I've had with myself while wandering the halls at work, trying to get inspired to get back to work.

The only downside to my life is that I keep so much bottled up inside. I have all these opinions to share and advice to give and no one to listen to it. So I've chosen this as my outlet. We'll see how long it lasts, but hopefully a while. I guess this probably brings me to the most important question: why should I read this blog? Well, frankly, there isn't a good reason. Maybe you'll get something from it, or maybe you won't. Maybe you'll contribute something to it, or maybe you'll just enjoy the things others contribute. Maybe no one but my mom will contribute anything. That's not the point though. The point is that I need to contribute something. I need to do something and hope that someday someone other than myself will enjoy what I think.


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