Monday, February 15, 2016

Project House Update: Window Work

I'm going to real up front with you: we've somehow stumbled into about a dozen house projects. None of them are close to completion and we keep rotating between them. So, I'm just going to write about them as we go/as I feel like it and it's probably going to end up all over the place, but I don't really care.

Let's hop back to when I claimed the den for myself. In converting the den into a haven for me, the first thing on the list was replacing the window. We even had a window on order when I wrote that post.

Unlike the windows in the workout room, Dan got to installing the new window as soon as it arrived.

It's always a good day when we can pull down some of those terrible, terrible vertical blinds. Even Sam hates them.

Here's a clear image of the 'Before' of the window. While it's not a bad window, it's very energy inefficient and thin. It was just time for a new window.

Since the area outside of the window was cleared in the unexpected trench incident of the shop construction, there was plenty of space for the boys to work. The window came out no problem, but the sill gave them some issues. It was adhered down incredibly well. Nothing a little elbow grease and some crowbars couldn't fix, though.

The guys are just too quick for me. I'd assumed it would take them longer and by the time I came back to take 'In Progress' photos, they were done. So, let's just skip to the end.

By the end of the day, the old window was out, the new window was in and foam insulated.

We haven't made too much notable progress since. Dan caulked the outside seam and I painted it. Dan is slowly spackling the inside edge where the window meets the wall. We've purchased a piece of marble that matches the other windowsills in the house, but it remains uncut and unplaced.

Even though the window is still technically unfinished, it's such an upgrade. The pane slides smoothly. The glass is clear and crisp. I'm sure we'll do the final touches sometime soon, but we're in no rush.

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  1. Wondering where you got the window? Looks great!