Thursday, August 13, 2015

This is just a post of my cats sitting in weird places

Apparently my cats have been extra rambunctious lately and getting into all sorts of things they are not supposed to. Here is the evidence.

Whenever I'm in the workout room (which is rare, let's be honest), Rusty loves to be tall by laying awkwardly across the weight rack.

Sam prefers to cuddle with Dan, so I will accept anything I can get from him. Even if he is only 'cuddling' with me in an attempt to cross my leg bridge to get to my ice cream bowl.

Being the lovely, little pain he is, Rusty shows no fear about jumping into unknown places. Accidentally forget to close the fridge door and he suddenly has all sorts of new things to smell.

Last one. Having a laundry pass through should be a nice feature of our house. However, with our cats, it's just a tiny door into our bedroom without a lock. Sam loves to have a good cry in front of the pass through until you push it open for him.

That is all.

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